Frequently Asked Questions


Difference between a barber and hairdresser psychoaesthetic

Hairdressers in fashion hairstyle but tend to repeat it everyone. Language has a superficial fashion. Based technique hairstyle with hair and slightly to the interpretation of the customer.

The barber psychoaesthetic with the psychoaesthetics science interprets the collective taste, which creates fashion. Through hairstyles we can do to customers, we understand what they want, doing existencial desire to strengthen him image. By singling hairstyle improve your mood.

What colors applied to dye hair, beards, mustaches and eyebrows?

We apply direct colorations, those are with the high percentage of oxidant. Indicated by dark colors, brown and blonde. Color duration approximately thirty days.

The applications of indirect colors are very suitable for white, grey hair, and to hide the first grey hairs. Duration approximately fifteen to thirty days.

Which includes a hair salon?

The hair salon includes a massage in the head while washing hair with shampoo or conditioner. We cut hair interpretating "the taste" of the person and adapted to the physiognomy and personality style.

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